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Inficloud is founded by team members who took part in building and deploying high-end telecom systems used in live networks around the wold conneting billions of people. The expertise in bulding real-time and high-scalable systems enabled team to build BSS systems from ground up using contemporary cutting-edge technologies. As mobile telecom architecture evolved through 3G/4G/5G, software architechtures with greater agility and programibility are embraced. Our platforms that are built ground up and took advantage of these evolutions have advantage over legacy silo-based BSS systems. Often CSPs are stuck with legacy systems that run on baremetals and end up building parallel systems to enable new generation services. We hand held our customers to enhance and optimize their OSS/BSS systems and deliver premium telecom services and captilize on their investments.

We extend our extpertise to guide our MVNO customers with purpose built MVNE paltforms that inherit versatality, reliability and scalability from our MNO stacks. Our fully integrated readymade MVNE platform help MVNO operators optimize their TCO(Total cost ownership) and TTM(Time-to-market). With our assured MVNE platform and services MVNOs can channelize resources to captalize on oppurtunities.

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