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Inficloud Spot Instance

Inficloud offers Spot Instance, which is unused compute capacity that you can bid on. Your Spot Instance will be commissioned as long as your bid price exceeds the current Spot Price. Spot price is based on Instance type and the Availability zone in which the Instance can be provisioned.

Inficloud Spot Instance is available on an hourly basis at very low cost compared to an On-Demand Instance. The same set of features of On-Demand Instance are available for Spot Instance. The usage of Spot Instances can play a key role in reducing your cloud costs. For example, Spot Instances are very useful in both batch processing and high-performance clusters, as well as web server fleets with variable workloads. You can use Spot Instances for application runs such as testing, image processing, web crawling and batch processing. The reserve price differs for each flavor and will be determined by Inficloud.

From a compute resource point of view Spot Instances is similar to On-Demand Instances. Spot Instances can be terminated when you no longer need them. When you terminate your Spot Instance, you pay for any partial hour used. Meaning the usage time is rounded off to the nearest hour.

If your Spot Instance is terminated by Inficloud service for the following reasons, increase in bid price or shortage of resource, then you will not charged for any partial hours of use.

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Start Using Inficloud Spot Instance
Inficloud includes 750 hours of Linux Instances each month for one year. To stay within the Free service, use only Micro Instances.


Transparent Billing

Businesses can scale up or down paying by the second thereby lending immense cost savings and increased operational efficiencies meeting different computing.

Ultra-Reliable Tier 4 DC

Our ultra-reliable tier 4 DC provides the ultimate level of reliability with a guaranteed service up time of 99.995%.

Low Cost

Launch instances from as low as 99cents and you only pay only for what you need, with no minimum commitments or up-front fees.

High Performance & Low Latency

With our 300% faster solid state drives, latest DDR4 RAMs and Xeon Intel Processors we deliver superior I/O performance with extremely low latencies.

Instant Scalability with Autoscale option

Scale up servers anytime. You can shrink or grow your resources instantly or set them to autoscale during demand spikes and you only pay for what you use!

Easy to Use /Flexible API

Our powerful, yet easy to use user interface allows you to provision, configure and deploy servers with the simplest of ease.

Real-time Monitoring

Our seamless infrastructure monitoring allows you to monitor server performances and address critical issues as they arise using our insightful metrics driven dashboard.

Rapid Provisioning

Create and deploy your virtual machine in seconds. Deploy from 1 to 1000 VM instances in less than a minute.

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Various pricing options to meet your requirements

Name Price vCPUs RAM(GB) Storage DataTransfer
Free $0 1 1 5GB 50
Lite $40 2 8 50GB 4TB
Elite $70 4 16 100GB 5TB
Pro $130 8 32 200GB 7TB
Entrepreneur $150 8 50 200GB 10TB
Entrepreneur Plus $200 10 50 250GB 10TB
Name Price vCPUs RAM(GB) Storage DataTransfer
Free $0 1 1 5GB 50
Lite $50 2 8 50GB 4TB
Elite $80 4 16 100GB 5TB
Pro $140 8 32 200GB 7TB
Entrepreneur $160 8 50 200GB 10TB
Entrepreneur Plus $210 10 50 250GB 10TB


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