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Inficloud Block Storage

Inficloud Elastic Block Storage provides high-speed storage capacity with seamless data protection and recovery capabilities. Our highly available and scalable SSD Block Storage offers persistent low latency performance to run multiple application types and workloads while you pay only for provisioned capacity. Manage your usage by scaling up or down in minutes through our highly intuitive and user friendly console.

Inficloud provides block level storage volumes for use with On-Demand Instances. Volumes are highly available and reliable storage volumes that can be attached to any running instance that is in the same Availability Zone. Volumes that are attached to an instance are exposed as storage volumes that persist independently from the life of the instance. With Inficloud volume, you pay only for what you use.

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Inficloud includes 750 hours of Linux instances each month for one year. To stay within the Free service, use only Micro instances.


High Performance Volumes

You can opt between Inficloud General Purpose SSD , Provisioned IOPS SSD , Throughput Optimized HDD , and Standard HDD that can deliver high performance to meet your most challenging demands.

Data Availability

Inficloud volume is automatically replicated in an Availability Zone to prevent data loss due to failure of any single hardware component.

Data Persistence

An Inficloud volume functions as a block level storage that persists independently from an Instance’s life.

Massive Durability

Our Object storage platform offers cost–efficient data durability with built in disaster recovery and long term data retention with zero down time. Elastic storage with Affordable and predictable pricing scale your storage needs as per your requirement, you only pay for capacity used.


Inficloud provides Snapshots which is a point-in-time backup of your Volume that will serve as a reference point for your data and can be higly useful in disaster recovery purposes.

Easy to use /flexible API

Our powerful, yet easy to use user interface allows you to provision, configure and deploy servers with the simplest of ease.

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Various pricing options to meet your requirements
Name Price vCPUs RAM(GB) Storage DataTrasfer
Free $0 1 1 5GB 50
Lite $40 2 8 50GB 4TB
Elite $70 4 16 100GB 5TB
Pro $130 8 32 200GB 7TB
Entrepreneur $150 8 50 200GB 10TB
Entrepreneur Plus $200 10 50 250GB 10TB
Name Price vCPUs RAM(GB) Storage DataTransfer
Free $0 1 1 5GB 50
Lite $50 2 8 50GB 4TB
Elite $80 4 16 100GB 5TB
Pro $140 8 32 200GB 7TB
Entrepreneur $160 8 50 200GB 10TB
Entrepreneur Plus $210 10 50 250GB 10TB


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